Your Hunk of the Day: Kamil Nicalek

Kamil Nicalek - Hunk du Jour

Kamil Nicalek via Men's Bookmark

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Bittersweet Announcement

It's November 1st, 2018 and I'm sharing a bittersweet announcement today.

Hunk du Jour will be turning off the lights on January 1st after a run of 20 years.

The current site & "Hunk of the Day" feature (which have existed in one form or another since the page was hosted on Geocities in 1998) will go dark and be replaced with links to some of my favorite photographers and friends sites sharing handsome & noteworthy fellas.

The Hunk of the Day (then "Babe of the Day") existed before Google did... that's crazy to me.

In the twenty years since the internet went from a quaint place where a kid in Seattle could create a popular web page to content that is precisely calculated for search engine optimization, driven by personality, and quantified by clicks and interactions.

I'm just not sure Hunk du Jour makes sense on the new internet, where a visit to Tumblr will now provide an endless scroll of flesh.

While the website will definitely be going into the big bit-recycling bin in the sky, I'm still figuring out what to do with our social media profiles -- I'll keep you posted as I figure that stuff out.

I'm in debt to the folks who have helped me and the site over the years, thank you so much.

Hopefully this is not goodbye forever! Feel free to share your thoughts about growing up with Hunk du Jour in the comments below, or your ideas on what the future of the site or social media presence should look like.